The Law of Attraction Really Can Get You Whatever You Want

And that includes a loving relationship, which you might currently be craving!

How the Law of Attraction Works

Ways To Get Objectives You Want

It’s definitely a weird and wonderful thought, that we do possess the mental and emotional ability to manifest our worldly reality.

What I am in fact suggesting by this remarkable assertion is that given intense energy, along with the appropriate spiritual issues – so yes, you do have to believe in something beyond yourself – being satisfied, we can all manifest the physical reality that we want in the world around us. This is a process called manifestation conscious creation.

It’s absolutely true that a lot of people scoff, and many of sane and rational individuals us don’t believe in The Laws of Manifestation, which are also known as the Laws of Attraction. But then of course these operate outside sane and rational thinking, but throughout entire human history there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that some people have always known about the processes and philosophy of manifesting the things they needed, imagining objective reality, and attracting both money and relationships and people and places into their lives.

Your subconscious understands how the Law of attraction works

Your subconscious holds the secret to manifestation

Despite this evidence, incredibly this type of skill looks mysterious and  esoteric, which is perhaps why the explanations have been shrouded in mystery for so many centuries.

Yet the individuals who have been called shamans and sorcerers have known for millennia that action counts louder than words. It has always been possible to become obsessed with research into this subject, and so, many people have tried to investigate the laws of creation for their own enlightenment and knowledge.

Yet there is nothing cryptic about the Laws of Creation. They truly are an absolutely amazing and natural human capacity.


It even seems that the Bible refers to attraction, most remarkably when one discovers the reference: “As a man thinketh in his heart – well, you know the rest!”.

The first up to date rendering of the methods of manifestation was outlined by Napoleon Hill, researching in the 1930s, who summed up the principles in his thoughtful book “Think and Grow Rich”. This astounding work has remained a classic to this day.

But…..  I imagine that plenty of women and men do not really get the notions that Napoleon Hill wrote about …..

He claimed that he offered explanations of the concepts of the Law of Attraction throughout the work and that he explained the tools of manifestation. But actually it’s hard to understand some of his work.

So let’s simplify Napoleon Hill’s written material !

Until you appreciate all the principles which are necessary to consistently create things and people in your everyday reality, you won’t be successful at achieving a new relationship or financial success, relationship success, artistic success, or some other goal.

As always, you need to put clear intention and energy into the process of attracting what you want by using the Law of creation – and the formula requires you to believe in what you are doing, to believe absolutely the will get what you want..

The universe won’t respond to half-hearted requests.

Without an emotionally driven reason, without ardent desire, or an intense passion, call it what you will, to do something for the good of humanity, you won’t possess the emotional energy that propels the universe to switch on its creative mechanisms.

As many people have observed, including Napoleon Hill,  not only passionate desire but also complete faith about the possibility of you attaining your goal are both utterly and totally essential for it to appear in your world in physical form.

Which means the basically you have to find out what excites you, for example, what you want in a relationship partner. As for money – what would you use a fortune for if it manifested in your life? 

(Who knows, but please make sure that you are always working for the good of humanity!)

You also need to get a group of people together to support you in your objectives. A mastermind group, a term coined by Napoleon Hill, generates a huge amount of ingenuity , creative thinking and energetic force. It makes your motivation many times stronger than you’d expect just by combining the power of the group in any normal way.

Without sounding esoteric or philosophical myself, I’d say that the explanation of the mastermind group is that it generates a powerful energy which taps into the Universal Laws of Creation. This helps you establish your objective. This is summed up in a very simple expression: “like attracts like”.

Another crucial component that Hill revealed many times in Think and Grow Rich was the need to possess total faith in the chance of reaching your desirable outcome.

This is what we call belief, what the religious people call faith – that you must believe, and even in the face of the things that make you disbelief, you must maintain the faith!

To put it differently, should you notice any questioning doubts, or should you not believe you can reach your goal, there isn’t the slightest chance that it will appear.

Should you have negative beliefs, you should delve into your unconscious mind, and establish what those anxieties are.

Having done that, your task is to reframe those negative beliefs in a way that will allow you to substitute something much more positive. That means a framework of belief which is positive, perhaps sprinkled with a drop of gratitude!
in turn this will allow you to work favorably on achieving your objectives.

And then, with the complete and unwavering support of the universal laws of manifestation, you will succeed.

And you can call that energy “God” or the divine, or the Great Mystery, or whatever you want… But remember it really can get you what you want – including a relationship with your beloved!

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